Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Summer Vacation: Week 1

So, we all know how fast the summer flies by.  I thought it would be fun to be able to look back and see what all we did throughout the summer (I have tons planned but of course probably won't get to a lot of it), especially since this is the last summer before the girls start "real" school.  So, here's a brief re-cap of our first week of summer break.

Monday - Did some learning activities during/after breakfast then played with friends from 10:30ish until 7:30ish (breaking for dinner).

Tuesday - Played at home all morning, then swim lessons and new zip-line park.  Home around 3:00, played with A & E for an hour or so, then dinner.  Out for frozen yogurt and to the library.  Daddy was working late so didn't come.

Wednesday - Up late, at 9:00.  Breakfast, played while I got ready, lunch at mall, art museum, park.

Thursday - Played at home all morning, then last swim lesson.  Played at park after, then trip to Target. 

Friday - Played at home all morning while I packed for Portland, then ran errands after lunch.  Played with friends, then Kayley left with Dad to run errands.  Olivia and I rode scooters around the block then had dinner.  Kayley and Dad ate on the road as it got too late and they were hungry.

Saturday-Monday - Trip to Portland.

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