Monday, August 5, 2013

School Shopping

I used to LOVE school shopping with my mom.  So I've very much been looking forward to finally being able to school shop with the girls.  Last year all they needed (other than clothes) was a backpack and lunch box, so this is the first year that we really got to go shopping for supplies.  We went to Fred Meyer last Thursday and got paper, pencils, pencil boxes, markers, crayons, erasers, glue sticks, folders, snacks, tissues, hand sanitizer and stickers. 

The girls were good and enjoyed it, versus clothes shopping where they get bored and whiny 2 minutes after walking into a store (and chase each other around and hide in the circular racks). 

I wanted to get them new backpacks this year also, since the ones they have from last year, while still perfectly good, have Disney Princesses on them which they are kind of tired off (except in movie or toy form).  I happened to be at Walmart last Tuesday and saw one with peace signs, which Olivia loves, so I grabbed that for her but I didn't get one for Kayley because I wasn't sure which one she would want, so I went back the next day with her and she chose a pink and purple cheetah print.

As for clothes shopping, I would totally just go by myself (see above) except that they sometimes now won't wear what I buy, so I kind of need to take them so they can pick out stuff that they'll actually wear, but I don't dare take them both together, so I am going to take them clothes shopping separately.  At least for a few things and then I can get the rest myself (things like leggings, and anything with peace signs).  Hopefully they'll be better shoppers when they're older.

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