Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Summer Vacation - Week 8

Paul was supposed to be off all last week but ended up going back to work on Thursday, due to a co-worker being out for heart surgery.  Meanwhile:

Tuesday  - Paul took the girls to the free matinee (Alvin and the Chipmunks) while I ran some errands and went to the Crossroad's farmer's market.

Wednesday - Another hike.  This time we did the Denny Creek hike that we had intended to do the week before.  It was really pretty, and there was a cool area with a small waterfall where you could climb a series of flat rocks to get right up to the bottom of the falls.

Thursday - Shopped for school supplies

Friday - Went to the library for the first time in probably over a month to get our prizes for the Summer Reading Program and Starbucks afterwards.

Saturday - Went to Seattle to Paul's dad's best friend Wes's house to see his son and family that were visiting from New York.  They have 4 kids so there were lots of kids for the girls to play with, and Wes has chickens, so the girls had a blast chasing them around, gathering eggs and they could actually pick one of them up.  It was cute and I wanted to get some pictures but our phone had died.  On the way home we stopped at Red Robin for dinner.

Sunday - church and played with friends.

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