Saturday, August 17, 2013

Summer Vacation - Week 10

Last Friday we went to Crescent Bar for the last time this summer and stayed until Wednesday.  It's such an awesome, laid-back time there, just spending the days by the pool, reading, drinking coffee on the deck in the morning or sipping wine in the evenings.  Love it.  The girls are old enough now that they can play in the pool and we don't have to be right there the whole time, as long as we are fairly close.  So we can actually sit on a lawnchair and read while they're swimming.  I wish I would have gotten a video of their swimming.  They are so much improved from last year, or even earlier this summer.

We came home on Wednesday and then went to the transportation open house, where the girls got their bus schedule and got to see inside a bus.

Thursday they had a playdate with a friend whose mom is going to lead a Girl Scout troop to see how all the potential troop-mates got along and to get information on the whole Girl Scout thing.  The girls really want to join so I guess we're going to have a few Daisies on our hands come fall.

Yesterday I took them to Justice to do a little school shopping.  Normally that store is WAY too expensive, but everything was buy one, get one free.  Even so, I paid more for one tee shirt than I would at either Osh Kosh or Children's Place, but they do seem like they're way better quality.  I knew trying to shop with both of them would be really hard and I was right.  They were of course WAY more interested in all the toys/notebooks/diaries/fake nails/lip gloss/candy, etc. than the clothes.  Again, I would totally just shop for them by myself but then they won't wear half the stuff I buy.  We have enough now though that I should be able to finish up by myself, and I'll just make sure that they like what I buy before I take the tags off and wash anything.

For some strange reason Kayley loved this shirt - "Tacocat spelled backwards is 'tacocat' "

They love cats, horses and Olivia is really into peace signs!

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