Friday, August 9, 2013

Summer Vacation - Week 9

We've had a very laid back week.  Monday and Tuesday we were home all day and had friends over in the afternoons to play in the pool and with the slip 'n' slide.  Tuesday evening the local police station had an event, National Night Out or something, so we went to that.  They had face painting, a bouncy house, hot dogs and sno cones, a bomb squad, police dog, and we got to tour the police station.  The girls were excited to see the "jail" (holding cells).  I had some pictures of them in the holding cell and of their cute face painting but Kayley accidently deleted them.

Wednesday we ran some errands which included a trip to PetSmart for cat food.  The girls love to go there to see all the litter critters (mice/hamsters/birds/lizards, etc.) and to see all the dogs in the pet hotel.

Thursday we stayed home again and played with friends in the late afternoon, and today we need to go grocery shopping before heading to Crescent Bar tonight.  I'll probably have to bribe them with a treat from Starbucks to get them out of the house.

Paul has been dog-sitting for a friend this week, so the girls got to go with him a few evenings to see and play with the dogs.  They have enjoyed that.

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