Thursday, September 5, 2013

Getting Ready

The girls had their kindergarten assessments yesterday.  They did well and it was fun to see their classroom again and for them to chose a cubby and put all their stuff away.

Waiting outside their classroom for their turns

Our normal morning routine is that the girls get up anywhere between 7:00 and 8:00, but usually around 7:30, get in bed with me, then watch some TV while I get on the computer.  We have breakfast around 8:30 or 9:00.  Then it's like pulling teeth to get them dressed and comb their hair and brush their teeth before noon.  But with school starting soon we obviously need to be up earlier an much more streamlined in our routine, so today we did a "trial run".  I set the alarm to get up almost as early as we will need to for school (tomorrow we will get up at the actual time, but I figured we'd ease into it), then they got dressed, combed their hair and brushed teeth right away, and then had breakfast, in an attempt to be all ready by 8:20 as though it were an actual school day.  I can't believe it but we were successful!  Then we watched as the school bus went by (school has already started for the older kids) and the other kids got on, so they could see where they will wait for and get on the bus come Monday.  One of their friends was out there because she had walked with her older brother to the bus stop and was walking back home so then she of course came over to play so I didn't get to have any mommy time with the girls like I wanted, but maybe later today.

Tomorrow we will do another trial run, then I'm going to take them to Starbucks for a little treat on our last weekday before school.

No more lounging in mommy's bed in the mornings!

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