Sunday, September 8, 2013

Summer Vacation - Week 13

This was our LAST week before school!  Or, at least, it's supposed to be if the teachers don't go on strike :(  We'll see.

Anyway, Monday was Labor Day and we were still up in MV at Dad's.

Tuesday - Paul had the day off and we ended up finishing putting the girls' new dresser together.

Wednesday - The girls' kindergarten assessment.

Thursday - had a successful "trial run", getting up and ready in time for school, then played with friends ALL DAY LONG, from 8:30 until right before bedtime.

Friday - Went to Starbucks, then a play date with another friend that isn't one of the ones they play with all the time.  Came home for lunch, then got haircuts and frozen yogurt and went to a park.  Had family movie night after dinner and watched Mary Poppins.

Here's a picture of their new haircuts (not really different, just trimmed up), complete with eyes closed and suckers in mouths.  That's how we roll.

Yesterday we just hung out at home (and played with friends of course) and today we are skipping church to watch the Seahawks season opener.  Go Hawks!  They won all 4 of their preseason games for the second year in a row and should have a great season, but we'll see.  And that marks the end of summer vacation (hopefully...please no strike...PLEASE no strike...)!

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