Sunday, September 15, 2013

The Fair

We took the girls to the Washington State Fair yesterday.  We took them 3 years ago when they were just 2 1/2, and figured we'd try it again this year but we should not have gone on a Saturday.  Super crowded and traffic was horrible.

We started off with the rides.  The girls wanted to go on one of the kiddie coasters and I thought they'd love it, but apparently their experience on that ride at Silverwood earlier this summer scarred them pretty good, and Olivia got scared and started crying.  Oops.  They rode another ride and enjoyed it, but then they just wanted to play some games, so we played Skee Ball (Paul and I ended up doing it for them) and Paul managed to win a little animal.

After the rides we looked at most of the animals and then they were ready to go.

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