Friday, September 13, 2013

Our New Routine

Now that the girls are in kindergarten, we have a whole new routine.  Gone are the days of sleeping in until 8:00, snuggling in bed every morning and hanging out in their pajamas until almost lunchtime or later.  Mornings are very different around here lately, and much to my surprise the transition hasn't been that hard, thanks to making gradual changes in the few weeks leading up to this and a few trial runs.

6:30 - I get up and get ready (usually having showered the night before.  I still wet and blow dry my hair but I don't have to shower).

7:00 - The girls get up, get dressed, comb their hair and brush their teeth.  I really need to work on getting them to make their own beds too but I usually just do it because I don't have the patience.  We're going to work on that.

7:30 - Breakfast

8:00-8:20 - Get shoes on, gather backpacks, etc. before going to the bus stop.  We usually have about 10 or so minutes to spare, but I'm sure that won't always be the case!

8:25 - Walk to bus stop

8:27 - Bus comes

8:27-12:30 - My free time to do WHATEVER!  So far I ran errands on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, Thursday I did a DVD workout and some housework, and today I had a volunteer orientation at the school, then I went for a walk, showered, had lunch and now I'm doing computer stuff and am about to go fold laundry.  Every other Friday they have school until 1:25 and every other Friday they have no school, because the other grades all have early dismissal every Friday.  I have no idea why.

After school we have lunch (except Fridays-they eat at school), then the girls usually play with friends until dinner time.  Lately we've been going for bike rides or to the park after dinner.  We want to do a lot of that while we still can before it starts getting dark much earlier.

8:00ish - Start bedtime routine (earlier if someone is having a bath)

8:30 - Bedtime

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