Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Happy Conception Day!

Three years ago today the 2 embryos that would become Olivia and Kayley were placed in my uterus.  It was a Saturday, and we weren't sure until that morning if it would take place that day (day 3) or the following Monday (day 5).  Based on the quality and number of embryos, the RE decided to do it that day (not sure why--the 2 we transfered were pretty good and we probably could have gone to day 5 and only transfered 1, but I guess we had a better chance transfering 2 on day 3.  You just never know...).  I got the call bright and early that morning.  Aagghhh!

After the procedure I of course had to pee really bad (you have to have a full bladder for the transfer) but they make you lie on the table for 20 minutes or so before you can get up.  When I could finally get up to go pee, I was thinking "well, even if this doesn't work and I don't become pregnant, at least I am right this second.  I have 2 embryos in my uterus so technically I'm pregnant, if only for a few minutes".

Well, those few minutes turned into 8 months and 5 days (40 weeks minus the first 2 weeks that you're not really pregnant minus 2 more weeks since the girls were born at 38 weeks minus the 3 days between fertilization and transfer.  How's that for pregnancy math?).  Happy Conception Day, Sweet Peas!

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MandyE (Twin Trials and Triumphs) said...

Memorial Day weekend will always be really special for me...we had our retrieval on the Thursday before, and our transfer the day after Memorial Day. What a sweet memory. :)