Friday, June 18, 2010

Show Us Your Life - Proposals

The topic this week at Kelly's Korner is proposals.  Here is our story.

Paul and I started dating in late January of 2005.  By May or so I was pretty sure I wanted to marry him but I could tell he wasn't quite there.  But things progressed nicely, and when we had our 6-month anniversary dinner one night in August I felt for the first time that this was really it!

In October we had our first discussion of possibly getting engaged soon.  We talked about going ring shopping!  I would have liked the whole thing to be a surprise, but I liked the idea of being able to pick out my own ring.  A few weeks later we went ring shopping and I picked out the ring but left the stone selection to him.  So now it was a matter of him going back to chose a stone, having it set, and then he could finally propose at a time and location unknown to me.  On the way back to his house, we chose our date:  May 13, 2006.  It was so weird for the next few weeks to have a date set but not actually be engaged.  Thanksgiving was approaching, and I really wanted to be able to announce it to my family, but I was still waiting for that proposal.  The darn ring wasn't ready yet!

On Saturday, December 3rd, we had plans to do something, I don't remember what exactly.  When Paul picked me up he told me that he had sold some skis to a co-worker and needed to deliver them before we went wherever it was we were going that day.  This "co-worker" just happened to live on Queen Anne hill, close to the site of our first kiss.  There is a park on Queen Anne hill with spectacular views of the city that we had stopped at after one of our early dates, and that's where we kissed for the first time.  So, as we were driving by said park on our way to this "co-worker's" place, he asked if we should stop there for a second.  I said sure, not thinking anything of it.  For like a fraction of a second I though, "wait...could this be it?" but I quickly dismissed it.  We were headed to Leavenworth the following weekend for the annual Christmas Tree Lighting and I was really thinking that would be it.  Apparently, he figured as much and wanted to throw me off.  So we stopped at the park, looked at the city, probably kissed, and all of a sudden he got down on one knee...

I, of course, said yes.  I wanted to cry but I didn't.  I think because I knew it was coming, so the element of surprise was gone.  It was still romantic, though.  I was pretty impressed by his little scheme!

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Kelley with Amy's Angels said...

Stopping over from Kelly's Korner! What a sweet story! Thank you for sharing it! : )