Thursday, June 17, 2010

Visit from Grandma and Grandpa M

On Monday my dad and stepmom came to visit.  They hadn't seen the girls since September because they spend the winter (and fall and spring) in Arizona.  It took the girls a few minutes to warm up to them but then they were back to being the hams that they are.

Grandpa and his girls

After awhile we decided to re-introduce them to Pepe, their toy poodle.  Excitied to be let out of the car and into the house, he was tearing around so fast that the girls got a little scared, especially Olivia.  But once he settled down a bit they were ok and even tried to pick him up.  At one point, Olivia really wanted to pet him but was still a little timid, so she took Kayley's hand and led her over to him and tried to make her pet him--it was so funny and cute.

Throwing balls for Pepe

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