Sunday, June 27, 2010

Weight Update

So I had an awesome May.  We had just re-joined a gym and I was all gung-ho and motivated and I lost 6.4 pounds.  I was hoping to lose another 5 or so in June.  Oops.  Not only did I not lose a single pound, I gained back every. last. ounce. of the 6.4 I lost in May!  That's like the 2,849th time this year that's happened.  I can NOT break this cycle!

So here I go again.  Only this time I only have 3 days until we leave for Crescent Bar, and once we're back from there I have a week and a half until we leave for Long Beach (WA, not CA).  Then we'll be home for 5 days or so and then we go to Crescent Bar again.  So the chances that I'm going to lose any weight in the next 5 weeks or so are pretty slim.  But I've come up with the following strategy and I'll hope for the best:

Today I did a good, brisk, hilly 45-minute walk and I think I stayed within my 1500 calorie limit.

Tomorrow (Monday) I'm going to do the 30 Day Shred in the morning and then go to the gym after dinner and do 30-45 minutes on the treadmill.

Tuesday I will do the Shred again and hopefully take the girls for a 30-minute walk.

Wednesday we leave and will be gone until Monday the 5th.  We're bringing healthy lunch food but I know there will be the stray hotdog and/or burger that will find it's way down my throat, dragging chips along with it and chased by a Mike's Hard Lime/Lemonade/Cranberry or two.  Then there's the huge breakfasts, of which I will try to replace a few with a simple 220 calorie bagel with fat free cream cheese or a 175-calorie bowl of cereal.  I wil try, try, try to resist all the cookies/brownies/pie that undoubtedly will be parading around, all tempting and seductive.  And then there's the wine and margaritas.  I think I'll let that one slide...

Anyway, I've pretty much decided to eat whatever on the 4th but try to be "reasonably" good the rest of the time ("reasonably" = not as good as I would be under normal circumstances at home, but better than I usually am on vacation).  And I'm bringing some workout clothes so I can walk/jog for exercise (either very early in the morning or late evening, as otherwise it'll be too hot), plus I'll of course be swimming a lot.  So we'll see.  Every time we go there I gain like 3 pounds, so I'm really going to try and just maintain this time.  I doubt it'll work (I say that every time but it never happens), but we'll see.  Sigh.  If nothing else I'm for sure going to get serious once all these small trips are over in early August.

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