Sunday, May 7, 2017

Recent Happenings

Much to my frustration we have been extra busy lately.  Every weekend it's something else.  There were two weekends in March that had two Girl Scout cookie booths each, plus birthday parties and what-not.  Then Easter and a Girl Scout trip and more birthdays...

Last weekend was blissfully plan-free and I was finally able to work on some projects but then this weekend was back to super busy and being gone a lot.  Yesterday we went up to Mount Vernon for the whole day, visited my mom, went to my great nephew's first birthday party and then to my best friend's house for dinner, then today we went to a graduation party for a family friend who just earned her doctorate in physical therapy.  We have a bunch of stuff the next few weekends too and then Memorial Day weekend is wide open at this point.  Can't wait.

Here's a rundown of recent happenings.

Paul turned the big 5-0 on March 28th.  We went to dinner with some friends at the Melting Pot.  The girls really had fun with the fondue.

We spent Easter at the in-laws  and went to an egg hunt at a friend of their's place.  Back at the in-laws, we got a few photos in their yard, and I finally got a decent picture of Kayley not acting all weird.
Best picture of Kayley in YEARS! 

Our neighborhood usually has their own egg hunt/potluck brunch at the park the Saturday before Easter so we went to that as well.

Getting ready to hunt for eggs

A few weekends ago the girls had their annual Girl Scout trip--the one they earn and pay for with their cookie sale money.  It was at Seabrook, a tiny little community on the Washington coast.  I went as a chaperone even though I would have much preferred to stay home and have a kid-less weekend with hubby but Olivia didn't want to go without me.  She will stay at friends' houses but not go on far away overnight trips without me.  But I'm glad I went because it was a fun trip and a fun little town that I didn't even know existing before.

The girls made "gnome houses" on the Gnome Trail.

They all got $7.00 to spend at the candy store.

Yesterday was our trip up to Mount Vernon for my great nephew's 1st birthday.  He already has his own pony, so the kids all got pony rides.

Carter, another great nephew, looking for chickens

After the party, we had a little time to kill before going to my childhood friend's home for dinner, so we went downtown and checked out the River Walk.

Mount Vernon is famous for tulips and has an annual Tulip Festival

 Several weeks ago a few friends and I went to a local winery for a wine releases party that another friend of ours was catering.  It is actually a residence that doubles as a winery that, again, I didn't even know existed until I heard about this event on Facebook.  It was a fun little girls' night.

That sums up the last few months.  We're looking forward to school ending and our cruise!

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