Wednesday, May 31, 2017

What's Up Wednesday

I've been meaning to participate in the monthly What's Up Wednesday post, hosted by Shay, Mel and Sheaffer, every month so far this year but have yet to actually get around to it, so I decided this is the month.

What we’re eating – Well, I would love to do weekly menu plans and cook most nights but the reality is that I don't get home from work most nights until 6:30 and between after school activities and hunger Paul and the girls have usually already eaten, and if they haven't I don't want what they're eating anyway.  But I usually cook something on Sunday that will provide leftovers for later in the week or I'll make something ahead for later in the week in addition to what we're having that night, and we rely on a lot of pre-made things from Costco, like stuffed bell peppers or rotisserie chicken.

What I’m reminiscing about – We just had our anniversary, so I would say our wedding and early years of our marriage.  Oh, and how much skinnier I was then (see yesterday's post)!

What I’m loving – that things are winding down.  13 days of school left, dance is over, 2 more gymnastics classes, 2 more violin and  piano lessons, 1 more Girl Scout meeting.  Glad for it all to be done for awhile!

What we’ve been up to - Well, so far in May we celebrated our anniversary, had Olivia's dance recital and had the first sunny and hot Memorial Day since I can't remember when.  Other than that, just the usual activities--dance, gymnastics, violin and piano lessons--and planning for our upcoming cruise!

What I’m dreading – shopping for swimsuits for said cruise (ha ha), having to listen to the loud air conditioner on hot summer nights (we don't have central A/C, it's a window unit, but not the kind that sticks out) and the girls having to be with a babysitter all day, all summer (with a few exceptions).

What I’m working on – fitting in fitness.  I've blogged before about how hard it is now that I'm working to find time to exercise.  It should be easier in the summer because I don't have to spend my evenings making lunches and helping with homework.

What I’m excited about – Our Caribbean cruise this summer!  I've been on 3 cruises and the last one was in 1998.  WAY too long ago.  We are going to Nassau (Bahamas), St. Thomas (US Virgin Islands) and Tortola (British Virgin Islands).

What I’m watching/reading – the Bachelorette, of course, and I've started watching the original Twin Peaks.  I never watching it back in the day and I live where it was filmed, so between that and it being remade I figured I better check it out.

As for reading, I've really been into memoirs/autobiographies lately.  I've recently read two of Carrie Fisher's books, Wishful Drinking and the Princess Diarest and listened to Tina Fey's Bossypants on CD.  I am actually not currently reading any books, but I did just start another attempt to read through the entire Bible.  I've started several times but always peter out somewhere between Leviticus and Joshua.  I have read the entire New Testament, and most of the Old, but I still always just start in Genesis.

What I’m Listening to – just the radio to and from work, same songs over and over.  I used to be such a music buff but I don't really have time anymore to explore and seek out new music.  But I've really been wanting to get back into it so I've started a weekly Music Monday post where I showcase a song or two that I've either just discovered or just really like.  It's a work in progress so we'll see how it goes.

What I’m wearing - I have two recent purchases that I really love.  One is a cute cold shoulder top from Macy's.  I didn't think I would dig the cold shoulder look on me but I actually really like this top.  And then I've been wanting a military/cargo vest or jacket forever and finally got one that I really like in my last Stitch Fix.  This isn't it necessarily but it's very similar.

What I’m doing this weekend – We're going to try the new-ish neighborhood brewery on Friday.  It's kid-friendly, so we'll take the girls and the don't have food, they just have different food trucks outside every night and Friday is supposed to be one called Nacho Mama that all the neighbors have been raving about.  Supposed to be really good.  Then on Saturday I have a girls' night out.  Sunday will be church (maybe) and prep for the week.

What I’m looking forward to next month – The end of school!

What else is new - We are seriously considering getting a dog.  I've been really wanting one but it's just so not practical with all of us gone all day.  But the girls are relentless in their begging and starting to wear us down, plus there is a chance that my work group might relocate to just down the street!  OMG, I really hope so.  Then I could come home everyday on my lunch break to let the dog out to go potty.  And if not, there are lots of dog-walkers in the neighborhood that we could hire, or maybe just neighbors that are stay-at-home moms or work from home.  We'll see.

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